Engineering Detectives and Advisors

ALARP are engineering and scientific detectives. We protect our clients from complex risks in Life, Property and the Environment using our unique combination of engineering, scientific and legal expertise. We are fiercely independent and ethical. We combine detailed subject matter expertise with rigorous investigations, evidence collection, reporting and advice.
ALARP's global footprint includes companies in Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. "Arnold Dix ALARP LLC" is a Qatari company. ALARP began providing services in Qatar in 2010.
Internationally the ALARP Group are famous for their special expertise in extreme engineering risks, especially underground.

Trusted Services

ALARP has been ethically audited by Professor Ray Jureidini from the Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics who concluded ALARP, "is one of very few companies in Qatar [committed to] ethical practices ... [with] zero tolerance for bribery and corruption". (15 October 2015)

Audit, Commissioning & Verification

ALARP is an accredited extreme engineering auditor and verifier.   ALARP is proud of its appointments as trusted independent verifier of extreme engineering for the Guinness Book of Records in the Middle East.

Clients demanding independent commissioning, audit and verification of their building works trust ALARP.

Disaster Investigations

ALARP conducts confidential disaster and fatality investigations for leading companies in Qatar in close collaboration with local authorities.


ALARP’s detectives are engineering qualified, ethical and fiercely independent.



Compliance & Approvals

Evidence collected by our qualified engineering detectives provides the facts clients and authorities demand for approvals and payments.  As detectives we understand our clients demand the facts.

ALARP uniquely provides trusted independent auditing and third party inspection, reporting and verification of complex engineering in Qatar.

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