About ALARP LLC, Qatar

ALARP uniquely provides trusted independent investigation, auditing, consulting and compliance advice for complex engineering in Qatar.

ALARP has established itself as Qatar's leading independent extreme engineering investigation consultancy.  

ALARP  will never sell product, be an installer or be an applicator - we are strictly and not negotiably Detectives, Inspectors and Advisors. 

From trusted independent verifier of Qatar Rail’s Guinness Book of Records attempt, to confidentiality fatality investigators when things go wrong.  ALARP can be trusted.

ALARP’s approach in Qatar has been specially tailored to meet the demands of an inherently harsh construction environment.

ALARP’s approach varies to meet clients' special needs - from achieving timely Civil Defence approval to managing and quantifying project quality through informed independent expert and audit verification.

ALARP personnel are uniquely trained in the specialist disciplines to serve out clients' special needs.  As engineering detectives we are accredited by the Association of British Investigators, for passive fire protection we are a registered international consultancy under FCIA and our lead engineers are FM qualified Designated Responsible Individuals (DRI) whom would be 'DRI' if employed by an applicator.  

For systematic product audit our inspectors obtain training from the product manufacturers (e.g. 3M, Hitli, Isolatek, Hempel, AkzoNobel, Carboline) and we also are trained as product installers and coating applicators.  However we will never be an installer or applicator, we are strictly and not negotiably Detectives, Inspectors and Advisors' to protect our independence. 

ALARP’s understands its role as an independent third party verifier whose operational professional objective is to facilitate the timely approval and safe operation of the asset.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance.  We are here to serve the Qatar market.

Introduction to ALARP – English

Introduction to ALARP – Arabic


Professor Arnold Dix - Internationally renowned world leading expert in protecting sovereign and corporate entities from operational risk in life, complex property, and the environment. Professor Dix is an accomplished lawyer and scientist. He is the CEO and founder of the ALARP Group of companies in Europe (London), Asia (Hong Kong, China), Oceania (Melbourne) and Qatar.


Sheikh Mohamed Bin Jabor Al Thani - recognised the need in Qatar for specialist experts such as ALARP to assist Qatar with its explosive building and expansion plans in line with the 2020 Vision for his country. Sheikh Mohamed sought out Professor Dix and proudly joins with him as National Director of ALARP QATAR.

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